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Heather Bailey

I am not sure how I have made it this far in my art and craft filled life not to have known about Heather Bailey. It’s almost embarrassing. Any one of Heather’s sites is pure fun and totally falls into the category of eye candy. Her bright floral  prints and adorable patterns are enough to brighten even your darkest day!

I am currently working on the Pinwheel tutorial:

Heather’s sites

What Clogs up my Inbox –

Every now and again I (try to) go through the emails in my inbox in order to make it a more managable size. I have always been a well organized keeper of sketch books with drawing and pieces of paper from magazines or other literature that I use for inspiration. I am noticing more and more that my inbox is quickly becoming my virtual sketchbook. What is is mostly filled with? newsletters. Check them out. I don’t think I have ever gotten a Whip Up Newsletter that didn’t have a project (or a few) that I didn’t think was awesome.

Crochet Hero – Crochet Spot

Nobody lays it out better than Rachel. Her blog is easy to read and her tutorials are phenomenal. If you run your mouse over the pictures, they switch from righties to lefties!

Website – Crafting a Green World

I love this website for learning about alternative uses for items or finding new crafts for my kids.

craft green

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