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Quite the Contrary – Useless Things

I have long been in love with rubber as jewelry. Useless Things rubber pieces are natural and organic yet big and bold.

DIY – Make your own ring

OK, it’s not quite the engagment ring I would want, but I love this idea and think it is fab with or without a stone.

Delicately Beautiful – Patrick Irla Jewelry

This is the type of piece I would feel good to give as a gift. Stunning.

The big WoW – Metalicious

Because I have worked in jewelry industry for many years, I am rarely wowed by new designs. Metalicious has nailed it. Big glam in multi colored metal without actual stones!

Perfection – Marriage of Metal

Where have you been all my life Marriage of Metal? Rings by Jesse and Missy Dornan are to die for.il_155x125_97104002

Forget Me Not – Curly Girl Glass

One of the simplest ideas made so beautifully.


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