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It’e never too late to learn – Mandipidy

My birthday just past. Birthday’s just suck anymore. I am not a big birthday celebrater in the first place, but with forty approaching quickly, I am even less likely to celebrate. So what did I do for my birthday? Learned how to pump gas. That’s right, I had made it 38 years without ever pumping gas. I love NJ. Need to get back before I have to do it again.

I heart NJ!

It’s not Secret – Louella Press

I don’t keep my love for Philadelphia a secret. Up until now, I have lived in the city or a surrounding suburb all of my life. I have a soft spot in my heart for local talents and people who obviously love Philly as much as I do.

The folks at Louella Press used one of three antique presses to create these prints. Using a variety of fonts, these prints looks terrifically vintage, yet uniquely modern.

Lucky for you NYC and Los Angeles lovers, Louella Press also creates prints for your life long loves too.

Calendar 2010 – 1 canoe 2

1canoe 2Makes cruising through the months fun.

Wish List #1 – Adam Ambro

As an Airstream owner, I have been in love with this print for quite a while now.

Go Philly #2 – startfunkel

Please come prepared – know your facial hair please.il_430xN_97362426

No Monsters Allowed!!

I have been a long time fan of John Golden. He says what kids are monsters allowed

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