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School Supplies – Megan Whitmarsh

With a tag line like – Oscar the Grouch meet Claes Oldenburg, how could not immediately fall in love with Megan Whitmarsh’s work?

Megan Whitmarsh recreates our beloved desk supplies into plushie objects.

No pocket protectors needed.

Plain and Simple – The Willow Tree

I am really drawn to The Willow Tree’s plushies. No frills, yet fully charming and inviting.

Love Straight from the Heart – Shannon Gerard

Plushies for the not so squirmish.

DIY – Baby Boom – Hop Skip Jump

There is a small baby boom happening in my circle of friends. Since my last trip home to the US, there have been five babies born and there should be three more born by the time I make my next trip in April. My suitcase (and wallet) are only so big, so I decided to make some gifts and have settled upon this lovely Rufus Dog Doll. How cute!

Top of the Coop – Swirlyarts

Swirlyarts makes these cheeky chickens to be used as either a doorstop or a smaller version to be used as a pincushion/paperweight.  They are so cute, you may consider turning your home into a chicken coop.

DIY – Denyse Schmidt Scottie Dog

Who doesn’t worship Denyse Schmidt and the quilts she sleeps under? She is offering a free download of a patched Scottie dog plushie on her site.

Wish List #2 – Pretty Lil Things

I will not chose one, I want them all!

Cotton Monster

Jennifer Strunge covers all monster catagories – Bottomfeeders, Pentafods, Jellies, Little Monsters and the list goes on. Each monster is unique and made from recycled materials.

Toast of the Town – Cartoon Carolyn

Who wouldn’t want this guy greeting you every morning?

DIY:Pocket Peanut – Toshwerk

This DIY peanut figure brings back memories of seeing Mr. Peanut on the boardwalk when I was younger. I think I would have to make him with a monocle.

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