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Crafty Hedgehog

I think any knitter would consider this project brilliant. You don’t need to be a biologist to appreciate this or find the humor in it.

UPDATE – Vandalism in the best possible way – The Midnight Knitter (Salty Knits)

The story of the Midnight Knitter is getting more interesting by the day. It seems that the other night, the knitters work was removed from the trees, poles, etc in West Cape May, NJ. The mayor is denying that the township removed the work. A group going by the name Salty Knits has come forward to take responsiblity for covering the public and private property with the knit cozys. They are also denying removing the work and are vowing to strike again. I personally think we should all start guerrilla knitting groups in our towns. You must become a fan and check out their photos on Facebook.

Vandalism in the best possible way – The Midnight Knitter

This is an awesome story.

The police in West Cape May, NJ are looking for the person responsible for knitting cozies around tree branches and poles. Residents are finding these little works of art in their yards every morning. The problem is that it is being done on private property and is considered vandalism. Consider the suspect to be armed with knitting needles but not dangerous.

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