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Plain and Simple – The Willow Tree

I am really drawn to The Willow Tree’s plushies. No frills, yet fully charming and inviting.

Ella since Osix

I have previously blogged about the craft market and vanJansen that has popped up in the plein around the corner from me. I never know when it is coming because it takes me a tad longer to figure what it going on here in Antwerp because of the language barrier (I really need to get on learning Flemish – note to self). I found out the group that assembles there is called Markt van Morgen. It is a well organized group and I am always inspired seeing the awesome items people have for sale.

Ella since Osix is a name I know from Etsy and seeing her booth and well made product all in one place at one time, is the equivalent to a star sighting. I am not sure how she manages to acquire such an amazing assortment of vintage fabric, that in itself is quite a talent! Her designs are versatile and timeless.

DIY – Around The Campfire – Sweetie Pie Bakery

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love felt. I love finding great playthings to make for the kids that are not plastic and will spend the rest of eternity in a landfill. Smore anyone?

DIY – The Uniform – Sugar City Shop

Oh my goodness gracious! As soon as I am back on my sewing machine, I will be making this for my daughter – in every size and in many, many fabrics. It is sure to become her daily uniform.

Spoiled – Frogginette

Frogginette makes the most beautiful knit children’s jackets. They are partially lined with coordinating buttons.

Lil’ Kimono – Lil’ Fishy


Green Bums – Banana Bottoms

I am a huge advocate for cloth diapers, don’t let a little poo deter you from jumping on this bandwagon!

100% – the belle and the beau

I definitely think the belle and the beau is one to something that is well overdue. Boys (in all sizes) should have 100% cotton washable ties. That would certainly save on dry cleaning bills. il_430xN_98395478

Halloween – Ideas other than candy – Tic Tac Dough

I have a child with multiple food allergies and Halloween presents a challange for me. These are the perfect alterative to candy. I love that these doughs can also come in scented versions!
halloween dough

Art for Children – RozArt

tricycleI have always been an advocate of introducing art to children at a young age. One of the ways I do this is by hanging original artwork in my childrens bedrooms of images they can relate to.

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