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Finally getting up to speed, My itouch.

I am often a little behind the times. At this point in my life, I have to chalk it up to age. Although I still feel like a teenager, the truth is that 40 is approaching a lot quicker than I would like. Yes, 40.

This year, my husband bought me an itouch. I love that I can actually access my email AND the internet like the rest of the world. I finally feel cool, until I realize that my nephew also got one for his 12th birthday. Whatever.

In my attempt to try an personalize it, I stumbled across Totally Severe. Sarah offers the best selection of wallpapers, fonts and itouch/iphone¬†backgrounds around. Here’s my selection, go get your own.

It’s Electric! – Woodtec

I want to say that this is the perfect man gift, but it is also the perfect woman gift. This is hard not to love. Order now – 3-4 weeks for delivery!


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