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DIY:Organization – Recycled Paper Basket

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, visually interesting and easy way to help organize some of the chaos in your house (let’s face it, we all have some), this tutorial from Design Sponge may be perfect.

Reclaimed Paper Basket vis Design Sponge

Making my own Summer – Crabby Chris

The summer here in Europe has not been too nice. I still have my tall leather boots out and always have my jacket and umbrella close by. Depressing. I am thinking this is where my current obsession grass like objects is coming from – my yearning to get outside. I guess when I can’t, this will do the trick.

Lay on the grass anytime.


Hook Hands – Ladies and Gentlemen

What a beauty. I am totally head over heels in love with this rug but it makes my hands feel sore just looking at it. What’s the biggest crochet hook you own? Your hand, of course.

Will Holman

There are so many things that are right about this. First, it is upcycled. Perfectly good lumber from crutches reused  to make an attractive chair. And if you are feeling ambitious the creator, Will Holman, has posted the directions for making this chair on Instructables. What a beautiful chair and an incredible project.


Miasole makes these incredible rock pillows. The rocks are made from fleece and felt and lightly airbrushed to add rock – like detail. Most definitely a conversation piece. AND a steal at $50.

Peel – Bettula

Who would have ever guessed that birch bark could be made into such beautiful objects. Heather of Bettula crafts home decor and even jewelry for her new collection Peel.

Garland – this neck of the woods

This neck of the woods makes the most delicate and beautiful garland. Each strand is chock full of intriguing detail.


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