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Love Straight from the Heart – Shannon Gerard

Plushies for the not so squirmish.


Hook Hands – Ladies and Gentlemen

What a beauty. I am totally head over heels in love with this rug but it makes my hands feel sore just looking at it. What’s the biggest crochet hook you own? Your hand, of course.

DIY – St. Pat’s Hat – Crochet Spot

How can you resist! Just looking at the picture makes me happy, let alone having the real thing in front of me!

Webs – Tania Nova Crochet

I find these hoops so interesting. They are so girly and lacey yet mystrious and dangerous. The detail is amazing.

For the love of cute – Sabahnur

Who doesn’t love amigurumi? Check out the Twitter bird!

Wooed Over – Howie Woo

I can’t get enough of Howie Woo. I am just not sure when it gets to the point of stalking.

Crochet Hero – Crochet Spot

Nobody lays it out better than Rachel. Her blog is easy to read and her tutorials are phenomenal. If you run your mouse over the pictures, they switch from righties to lefties!

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