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DIY:Organization – Recycled Paper Basket

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, visually interesting and easy way to help organize some of the chaos in your house (let’s face it, we all have some), this tutorial from Design Sponge may be perfect.

Reclaimed Paper Basket vis Design Sponge

Ella since Osix

I have previously blogged about the craft market and vanJansen that has popped up in the plein around the corner from me. I never know when it is coming because it takes me a tad longer to figure what it going on here in Antwerp because of the language barrier (I really need to get on learning Flemish – note to self). I found out the group that assembles there is called Markt van Morgen. It is a well organized group and I am always inspired seeing the awesome items people have for sale.

Ella since Osix is a name I know from Etsy and seeing her booth and well made product all in one place at one time, is the equivalent to a star sighting. I am not sure how she manages to acquire such an amazing assortment of vintage fabric, that in itself is quite a talent! Her designs are versatile and timeless.

Carrying Dolly – Dolly Bags

While I was still in the US, I had my eye on a few Dolly Bags. Now in Belgium, I was walking down a street and noticed their bags hanging in a store window. I went in to check them out and now know that they are made in Amsterdam, just a short distance from where I am living. They are mostly made from great vintage fabric and the quality is top notch. I still haven’t decided which one to buy, it is really hard to commit to just one.

Bubbles (not the monkey) – recycled rings

This bags are so cool, they look as if you took them out of the washine machine mid way through the wash cycle.

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