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I mean really… Drika. B

How could you not totally fall head over heals for Drika. B’s work? In a world that is brimming with handmade bags ( I am partially to blame for this), you don’t often find stand outs.  I don’t think anyone has made jute webbing so chic and desirable.

1. Perfect bag! by Drika.B, 2. drika b on blog, 3. Saturday morning @ home, 4. treated myself to a new clutch, 5. Untitled, 6. drikab 1

Find her on Etsy:

and Paper n Stitch:

A Classic – Jennifer Ladd

Jennifer Ladd is one of those sellers who you always see featured on Etsy. And for good reason. Her bags and clutches are made with the best materials and are flawlessly assembled. I am honored to say that one of my ironing board covers made its way into her studio.

Cork Dreams – Salvage Shop

I have been very interested lately in cork especially when used in a place where it is least expected.

Bike Bag – Bone Shaker Bags

Bone Shaker Bags makes the best bike bags. They are versatile and will be the envy of all of bikers on the road.



Smiling Bag – sineminugur

This bag catch my eye as soon as I saw it. Love the color and the cut but think I loved it most because it was smiling at me.


Orwell Clutch – tsurubride

[Jaw drops to the floor]


Garden Bouquet – Pinswithfury

I really love clusters of flowers. The less real they look, the better. houndstooth bag

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