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Aunt Bucky

I wish I could get back the countless hours I spend looking for just the right crib bedding for when I was pregnant with my son. I was looking for something clean and simple, yet modern and fun. At the time, all roads came back to Dwell baby, which is what I ended up purchasing. Now a days, Aunt Bucky is an excellent source of handmade crib bedding using combinations of playful patterns. I will make you want your little one to stay in the crib for the rest of his/her life!

Green Bums – Banana Bottoms

I am a huge advocate for cloth diapers, don’t let a little poo deter you from jumping on this bandwagon!

Patemm – Patemm Pads

I love the stories of an ambious craftsperson with a great idea that really makes it big. Grace Welsh could write a book on it. Her changing pads actually makes you look forward to having to change diapers. I am still using my pad after 4.5 yrs and it is still going strong!

Flying Elephants – Eleni Creative

Eleni creative makes beautiful plushies, felt accessories and mobiles. I particularly love this flying elephant mobile.il_430xN_97240732

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