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Yarn Bomb! – Groenplaats, Antwerp

I love coming across something that has been yarn bombed. This past weekend I was in Groenplaats, one of the main squares in Antwerp, Belgium, when I noticed that a few of the structures had been yarn bombed. I should really say, plastic bag bombed. Love it!
Yarn Bomb on Groenplaats

Hello Etsy: Branding and Media Workshop Antwerp, Belgium

Monday night, I had the opportunity to attend an Etsy workshop here in Antwerp! And lucky me, not only was it presented by Matt Stinchcomb, it was in English.

I want to bullet point a few of the more important items Matt spoke about.

Establishing your brand:

Write a Mission Statement – Develop a simple and direct statement defining your mission. Matt made the example that your mission statement should be able to fit on a T-Shirt.

What Are you Making – What makes it special? Will someone want to pass the word about your product to others? Is it unique enough to stand out from the crowd? Do not pigeon-hole your self into making something your don’t enjoy creating  – What will be business be like in 1 year? 3 years?

Who is your customer – Identify who your customer is by creating a customer profile. Is this who you want to target? What does your customer value and are you providing that for them?

Make a Budget – Don’t underestimate yourself and your skills. Charge appropriately.

**Abandon what is not working for you**

Develop a Marketing Plan:

Tell your story – This is so easy to do. Create a connection with your buyers by telling them why or how you made an item. Give them the story to hang onto and to tell others. This can be done in many ways – item descriptions, blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let them know there is an actual person creating these pieces.

Social Media – Do it! Facebook, Twitter, Blogging. People are reading.

Public Image – Good photography is king! Create a consistent visual style.

I could go on, but I thought these were great points all DIYers can work with. There were 2 other key phrases that Matt used while giving his presentation that I thought were important. Micro Production and Reconnecting. What we are doing by creating is micro production – hands on manufacturing in our own small way and putting money back into our communities and pockets. What we are doing is trying to reconnect the consumer to the process, the materials and the creator. I would like to believe that most people value this.

Parting Gift from Hello Etsy Workshop
Parting Gift from Hello Etsy Workshop

 I felt that this was a great opportunity to meet some of the local artisans in my new community. Thank you so much to Matt Stinchcomb, The Dutch Handmade Team and Etsy! 

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