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Dress Up Felt Fun – Maureen Cracknell

Remember when you were little and you had a felt board? Maureen Cracknell has successfully reinvented this idea into an adorable dress up doll pillow. So cute! (Check out her personalized crowns too!)


Tweet by Willow Baus

I love looking at Willow Baus’ shop. She makes the most delightful toys and objects, the ones that you will keep for your grandchildren.

DIY – Denyse Schmidt Scottie Dog

Who doesn’t worship Denyse Schmidt and the quilts she sleeps under? She is offering a free download of a patched Scottie dog plushie on her site.

Ultimate Wood – SS Wood Craft

Not only does SS Wood Craft made fab wood toys likes handmixers and sewing machines, he also makes drills and circular saws. How awesome!

DIY:Pocket Peanut – Toshwerk

This DIY peanut figure brings back memories of seeing Mr. Peanut on the boardwalk when I was younger. I think I would have to make him with a monocle.

WIP – Nifty Kidstuff

Love that is it threaded and in mid stitch.


Monty – Sara Carr

Monty the fox relaxing. He reminds us all to take a step back and chill even if it just for a moment.il_155x125_98244438

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