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Plain and Simple – The Willow Tree

I am really drawn to The Willow Tree’s plushies. No frills, yet fully charming and inviting.


Dress Up Felt Fun – Maureen Cracknell

Remember when you were little and you had a felt board? Maureen Cracknell has successfully reinvented this idea into an adorable dress up doll pillow. So cute! (Check out her personalized crowns too!)

Make Way for Baby – Baby Jives

Baby Jives is everywhere nowadays and for good reason.

The mobiles by Baby Jives are oddly realistic in the most whimsical way. They definitely keep your eye for much more than a fleeting second. Marketed for nurseries but more than acceptable for any and every room of the house.

Aunt Bucky

I wish I could get back the countless hours I spend looking for just the right crib bedding for when I was pregnant with my son. I was looking for something clean and simple, yet modern and fun. At the time, all roads came back to Dwell baby, which is what I ended up purchasing. Now a days, Aunt Bucky is an excellent source of handmade crib bedding using combinations of playful patterns. I will make you want your little one to stay in the crib for the rest of his/her life!

Ella since Osix

I have previously blogged about the craft market and vanJansen that has popped up in the plein around the corner from me. I never know when it is coming because it takes me a tad longer to figure what it going on here in Antwerp because of the language barrier (I really need to get on learning Flemish – note to self). I found out the group that assembles there is called Markt van Morgen. It is a well organized group and I am always inspired seeing the awesome items people have for sale.

Ella since Osix is a name I know from Etsy and seeing her booth and well made product all in one place at one time, is the equivalent to a star sighting. I am not sure how she manages to acquire such an amazing assortment of vintage fabric, that in itself is quite a talent! Her designs are versatile and timeless.

DIY – Around The Campfire – Sweetie Pie Bakery

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love felt. I love finding great playthings to make for the kids that are not plastic and will spend the rest of eternity in a landfill. Smore anyone?

DIY – The Uniform – Sugar City Shop

Oh my goodness gracious! As soon as I am back on my sewing machine, I will be making this for my daughter – in every size and in many, many fabrics. It is sure to become her daily uniform.

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