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Loop Collection by mabotte

Using nylon cord, mabotte is able to soften the clean, sharp silver lines of her rings, necklaces and earrings with soft and flowing loops. Truly beautiful.

Ladder Necklaces – Mineralogy Jewelry

Theresa Cowan is the owner of the shop Mineralogy Jewelry on Etsy. She uses unique and often rough stones such as Chrysophase, Black Tourmaline and Pyrite in her creations. I am particularly drawn to her ladder necklaces.

Texas Love :: Il Gatto Sellvatico

What is it about Texas? Even a Jersey girl like me would consider where an awesome Texas necklace like this.

Map of Texas Hand Embroidered Necklace Custom Made Necklace

Peel – Bettula

Who would have ever guessed that birch bark could be made into such beautiful objects. Heather of Bettula crafts home decor and even jewelry for her new collection Peel.

Nest Pretty Things

It is easily to be drawn into Nest Pretty Things just by the name of the shop. Tamar makes beautiful jewelry with a vintage feel that is well designed and uses bold color templates. She prices are also very reasonable!

Binary – Maria Eife

I am totally in love with Maria Eife’s laser cut jewelry from her Binary Collection. Working in the round, these designed are based on binary code and look fabulous layered.

Shonah Jewellry Design

I have been working on a project for myself incorporating birds and ran across this wonderful site. Shonah Tomkins uses animal silhouettes to create necklaces and other pieces of jewelry. She uses Tasmanian oak and resin along with a variety of printed fabrics to create the pieces. Love these.

Long Time Love – Soop

Soop has been a long time favorite of mine. Acrylic+ jewelry=bliss.

Good Find – La vie est bonne

This lovely necklace with crocheted flowers and color blast that is enough to knock you down, was what drew me into La vie est bonne’s shop. The wonderful bags and totes are what will keep me coming back.

Webs – Tania Nova Crochet

I find these hoops so interesting. They are so girly and lacey yet mystrious and dangerous. The detail is amazing.

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