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Now that is Love!

If you are looking for a straight forward way to tell your ‘other’ that you really love them. I mean really really love them!

Get it here –

Too Good to Pass By – Craftster

Craftster featured this wonderful tutorial today. Reusing packaging is a must for my house and finding creative ways to make your own out of materials you already have is even better.


This is just so clever. You can customize your bunting. Chalk surface on one side, oilcloth of the other. Brilliant!

The Ornament Girl

Staci Ann (aka The Ornament Girl) makes beautiful quilted ornaments for just about every occasion. These are so well made and interesting to look at, they can be displayed all year long.

DIY – St. Pat’s Hat – Crochet Spot

How can you resist! Just looking at the picture makes me happy, let alone having the real thing in front of me!

Packed Schedule

There is so much going on this week, it is hard to give each celebration the proper attention it deserves. My son’s school celebrated carnival this past week, so as a family, we will be attending a Chinese New Year event as well as giving gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Greetings from… – chick print

Let’s hope we never really see a huge Christmas tree dangling over NY.

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