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Cashmends – Stella Neptune

This is so clever. Cashmends are patches make to cover those pesky holes nibbled by moths in you favorite sweater. These are so cute, holes are not necessary.



The Last Supper – Laura Bell

I tweeted about this a few days ago, but I feel like it completely worthy of a post. Laura Bell of Michigan collected lint from her dryer to recreated Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Bell’s masterpiece is 14′ x 4′ and the range of colors and detail in phenomenal. If this doesn’t make you jaw drop, I don’t know what will.

DIY – Make Friends with Birds

These are pretty hard to resist! Simple and colorful. Your neighborhood birds will be clamoring to become your best friend.


Miasole makes these incredible rock pillows. The rocks are made from fleece and felt and lightly airbrushed to add rock – like detail. Most definitely a conversation piece. AND a steal at $50.


I never thought I could get so excited over mounds of felt until I saw Migrations barretts and brooches.

Binary – Maria Eife

I am totally in love with Maria Eife’s laser cut jewelry from her Binary Collection. Working in the round, these designed are based on binary code and look fabulous layered.

Fun with Pincushions – Dottyral

How can you even choose one!!???

DIY – Around The Campfire – Sweetie Pie Bakery

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love felt. I love finding great playthings to make for the kids that are not plastic and will spend the rest of eternity in a landfill. Smore anyone?

Simple things that go too far

This always seems to happen to me. I had planned on making paper Valentine’s for my son’s pre-school class (with his help) and I end up making felt, beaded pins. Seriously, what 4 year old is even going to care. At least I got it out of my system, until the next holiday.

Jingle Peach – Felt Farm

Not only is this amazing, it jingles.

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