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Cashmends – Stella Neptune

This is so clever. Cashmends are patches make to cover those pesky holes nibbled by moths in you favorite sweater. These are so cute, holes are not necessary.



Texas Love :: Il Gatto Sellvatico

What is it about Texas? Even a Jersey girl like me would consider where an awesome Texas necklace like this.

Map of Texas Hand Embroidered Necklace Custom Made Necklace

All That Glitters is Gold::Leslie Hall

I was first turned on to Leslie Hall from an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. The attraction was instant, I mean look at her. How could you now be drawn in by that hair, those gold pants and those gem sweaters! Musician, entertainer and curator of the Mobile Museum of Gem Sweaters. What is not to love. Check her out. Now.

Yesterday’s News

I am not clear on who is making these but the concept is great and I would love to learn more about the process of laminating newpaper to be sewn.

I mean really… Drika. B

How could you not totally fall head over heals for Drika. B’s work? In a world that is brimming with handmade bags ( I am partially to blame for this), you don’t often find stand outs.  I don’t think anyone has made jute webbing so chic and desirable.

1. Perfect bag! by Drika.B, 2. drika b on blog, 3. Saturday morning @ home, 4. treated myself to a new clutch, 5. Untitled, 6. drikab 1

Find her on Etsy:

and Paper n Stitch:

Ella since Osix

I have previously blogged about the craft market and vanJansen that has popped up in the plein around the corner from me. I never know when it is coming because it takes me a tad longer to figure what it going on here in Antwerp because of the language barrier (I really need to get on learning Flemish – note to self). I found out the group that assembles there is called Markt van Morgen. It is a well organized group and I am always inspired seeing the awesome items people have for sale.

Ella since Osix is a name I know from Etsy and seeing her booth and well made product all in one place at one time, is the equivalent to a star sighting. I am not sure how she manages to acquire such an amazing assortment of vintage fabric, that in itself is quite a talent! Her designs are versatile and timeless.

Binary – Maria Eife

I am totally in love with Maria Eife’s laser cut jewelry from her Binary Collection. Working in the round, these designed are based on binary code and look fabulous layered.

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