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Selvage Art

Kathleen Loomis

I haven’t  figured it out if people who make selvage items are hoarders or the ultimate planners. Accumulating all of these selvages must take a lifetime but the finished product is amazing.

Jodie’s Selvage Dress

DIY Flannel Infinity Scarf

This could seriously be a picture of me in my pajamas. They are horrible yet I continue to subject my family to this sight close to every night and morning. They will be so pleased when I retire these old flannel jammies and recycle them into a new, hip scarf.

check it out HERE

Dress Up Felt Fun – Maureen Cracknell

Remember when you were little and you had a felt board? Maureen Cracknell has successfully reinvented this idea into an adorable dress up doll pillow. So cute! (Check out her personalized crowns too!)


This is just so clever. You can customize your bunting. Chalk surface on one side, oilcloth of the other. Brilliant!

Heather Bailey

I am not sure how I have made it this far in my art and craft filled life not to have known about Heather Bailey. It’s almost embarrassing. Any one of Heather’s sites is pure fun and totally falls into the category of eye candy. Her bright floral  prints and adorable patterns are enough to brighten even your darkest day!

I am currently working on the Pinwheel tutorial:

Heather’s sites

Springtime Delight – Danielle Stewart

I am completely taken by Danielle Stewart’s prints. They are even better when shown together. How exciting and inspiring!

All of her fabrics are hand printed on a linen/cotton blend using environmentally friendly inks. Go Danielle!

The Ornament Girl

Staci Ann (aka The Ornament Girl) makes beautiful quilted ornaments for just about every occasion. These are so well made and interesting to look at, they can be displayed all year long.

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