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Plain and Simple – The Willow Tree

I am really drawn to The Willow Tree’s plushies. No frills, yet fully charming and inviting.


It’e never too late to learn – Mandipidy

My birthday just past. Birthday’s just suck anymore. I am not a big birthday celebrater in the first place, but with forty approaching quickly, I am even less likely to celebrate. So what did I do for my birthday? Learned how to pump gas. That’s right, I had made it 38 years without ever pumping gas. I love NJ. Need to get back before I have to do it again.

I heart NJ!

Making my own Summer – Crabby Chris

The summer here in Europe has not been too nice. I still have my tall leather boots out and always have my jacket and umbrella close by.┬áDepressing. I am thinking this is where my current obsession grass like objects is coming from – my yearning to get outside. I guess when I can’t, this will do the trick.

Lay on the grass anytime.


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