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Current Obsession – TED Talks

A friend recently turned me on to TED Talks. If you are not already familiar with Ted, it is a non-profit organization formed in 1984. T(echnology) E(ntertainment) D(design) brings together some the in most intuitive minds for an annual conference to discuss  “ideas worth spreading”. Each presentation is under 20 minutes and is available online to view or in podcasts. If you need some inspiration, I suggest you try it out.

A few days ago, I listened to Sir Ken Robinson from a talk in 2007 discussing how schools are killing our children’s creativity. I thought it was a great talk and plan on listening to it again. Take a listen.

Yesterday’s News

I am not clear on who is making these but the concept is great and I would love to learn more about the process of laminating newpaper to be sewn.

Awe – Studio KMO

I am endlessly amazed by these paper artists who create amazing images using negative spaces and their X-Acto Knives. I have previously featured Made by Julene. Below is a hand cut map by Studio KMO.


Yarn Bomb! – Groenplaats, Antwerp

I love coming across something that has been yarn bombed. This past weekend I was in Groenplaats, one of the main squares in Antwerp, Belgium, when I noticed that a few of the structures had been yarn bombed. I should really say, plastic bag bombed. Love it!
Yarn Bomb on Groenplaats

Reinvention – Vivien Cheng

Vivien Cheng is upcycling vintage purses and clutches with Art Deco inspired painted designs. A beautiful and modern reinvention.

Love Straight from the Heart – Shannon Gerard

Plushies for the not so squirmish.

Dress Up Felt Fun – Maureen Cracknell

Remember when you were little and you had a felt board? Maureen Cracknell has successfully reinvented this idea into an adorable dress up doll pillow. So cute! (Check out her personalized crowns too!)

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