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Too Good to Pass By – Craftster

Craftster featured this wonderful tutorial today. Reusing packaging is a must for my house and finding creative ways to make your own out of materials you already have is even better.

Shout Out – Cheep Ideas

Wow. I can’t believe that it took me so long to stumble across this site! It is filled with great, cost-effective¬†gifts you could give for the holidays. I particularly find the Recycled Paper Crafts section filled with great projects.

DIY-Never Say Never

Never in a million years would I describe myself as someone attracted to nautical themes, yet I have been drawn recently to monkeys fists and other nautical knots. Maybe it’s because of the skill used to construct them or the history of their different purposes.

Here is a great DIY Instructable by paracord-projects on how to make a monkeys fist keychain.

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