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Crafty Hedgehog

I think any knitter would consider this project brilliant. You don’t need to be a biologist to appreciate this or find the humor in it.

Will Holman

There are so many things that are right about this. First, it is upcycled. Perfectly good lumber from crutches reused  to make an attractive chair. And if you are feeling ambitious the creator, Will Holman, has posted the directions for making this chair on Instructables. What a beautiful chair and an incredible project.


Miasole makes these incredible rock pillows. The rocks are made from fleece and felt and lightly airbrushed to add rock – like detail. Most definitely a conversation piece. AND a steal at $50.

I mean really… Drika. B

How could you not totally fall head over heals for Drika. B’s work? In a world that is brimming with handmade bags ( I am partially to blame for this), you don’t often find stand outs.  I don’t think anyone has made jute webbing so chic and desirable.

1. Perfect bag! by Drika.B, 2. drika b on blog, 3. Saturday morning @ home, 4. treated myself to a new clutch, 5. Untitled, 6. drikab 1

Find her on Etsy:

and Paper n Stitch:

Heart Skips a Beat

I seriously can barely stand it!! And I was thinking how I would like to cover my bike. This is truly amazing. What will they crochet next!

Crocheted Smart Car
Crocheted Smart Car
, by StartTheDay on Flickr (Creative Commons by-nc-sa licensed)

Tour de France

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. I am living in Europe in the most amazing city, Antwerp and the Tour de France is passing through town this weekend, practically at my doorstep. The day the race passes thorough also happens to be the Fourth of July. I really don’t need a reason to have a party, but this is making me extra patriotic this year.

1. Yellow Bike Dress, 2. Tour de France 2009 – Stage 11, 3. Girls’ Ride – polka dots seat bag, 4. Art Museum

Knock. Knocking.

I wish I could climb inside and become a part of this world.

1. Honeydew, Lilac and Brown Yarn Wreath, 2. Two Bird Yarn Wreath, 3. Mustard, Clementine, Mint and Aqua Yarn Wreath, 4. Forrest Green and Saffron Yarn Wreath

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