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Warm ‘N Fuzzies

Wow. This is a beauty if I have ever seen one. Get it know since prices have been reduced up to 20% just through June. A steal at $45.

Go Netherlands / Holland / Nederlands

OK, I might be riding the bandwagon but at least I can admit it. My friend, Sylvie, a Utrecht native, was telling me how the Netherlands is draped in orange in celebration of the World Cup. She even went out and bought herself the brightest orange dress you have ever seen to show her spirit. I love it. How lucky are the Dutch to have orange as there color!! Thank you Queen Beatrix.

Road Trip – the arts and crafts version

I just got back from a 2 week road trip with my family that took us through Bavaria, Tuscany and Switzerland. We easily spend a full 24 hours in the car and covered over 2500 miles – fun times with my husband and 2 small children – (especially when the DVD player is broken!). 😉

Anyway, I saw tons of great things but a couple AMAZING things that I would like to share. Driving through Austria on the way to Italy, we saw a fence make from old skis. This seems to be somewhat popular; I had never seen it before. Although I did not manage to get a picture, I found this great website – – that profiled unique fence designs in one posting. I think the bowling ball fence is a clear winner!

You cannot go to Tuscany without visiting Florence. I may have gotten more out of my one day in Florence than from all four years of art history in college. Michelangelo’s David made my trip to Florence. Not since I had seen Picasso’s Guernica had I been so moved by a piece of art. I mean I almost cried. Even my five-year old was interested in him.

I searched for some David crafts. As much as I wanted to find something that would give me a good giggle, I am almost relieved that I did not find anything. I am glad people have enough sense not to mess with a good thing and just let it be.

So I am just about back in the swing of thing. Lots of new postings soon.

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