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In the Night – Bonom

Bonom is a guerilla graffiti artist who has been working in the night in Paris and Brussels since 2006. His work, which is mostly of fish and spiders and other animals, has been appearing on the walls of vacant building during the nighttime hours. Most recently, Bonom has been working in Brussels and the police are on the hunt for him in order to prosecute him for vandalism.

Picture by Jeankes

A great site with a map detailing where to find his work in Brussels

Vintage Renewal

WOW! This is a winner.

Puka Puka

Mobiles have always fascinated me. Puka Puka makes beautiful mobiles in forms that are subtle and organic.


This is just so clever. You can customize your bunting. Chalk surface on one side, oilcloth of the other. Brilliant!

Peel – Bettula

Who would have ever guessed that birch bark could be made into such beautiful objects. Heather of Bettula crafts home decor and even jewelry for her new collection Peel.

Heather Bailey

I am not sure how I have made it this far in my art and craft filled life not to have known about Heather Bailey. It’s almost embarrassing. Any one of Heather’s sites is pure fun and totally falls into the category of eye candy. Her bright floral  prints and adorable patterns are enough to brighten even your darkest day!

I am currently working on the Pinwheel tutorial:

Heather’s sites

Aunt Bucky

I wish I could get back the countless hours I spend looking for just the right crib bedding for when I was pregnant with my son. I was looking for something clean and simple, yet modern and fun. At the time, all roads came back to Dwell baby, which is what I ended up purchasing. Now a days, Aunt Bucky is an excellent source of handmade crib bedding using combinations of playful patterns. I will make you want your little one to stay in the crib for the rest of his/her life!

Nest Pretty Things

It is easily to be drawn into Nest Pretty Things just by the name of the shop. Tamar makes beautiful jewelry with a vintage feel that is well designed and uses bold color templates. She prices are also very reasonable!

Isabelle Abramson Porcelain

Isabelle Abramson’s ceramic work is so beautiful, a must see.


I never thought I could get so excited over mounds of felt until I saw Migrations barretts and brooches.

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