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Fun with Pincushions – Dottyral

How can you even choose one!!???

It’s not Secret – Louella Press

I don’t keep my love for Philadelphia a secret. Up until now, I have lived in the city or a surrounding suburb all of my life. I have a soft spot in my heart for local talents and people who obviously love Philly as much as I do.

The folks at Louella Press used one of three antique presses to create these prints. Using a variety of fonts, these prints looks terrifically vintage, yet uniquely modern.

Lucky for you NYC and Los Angeles lovers, Louella Press also creates prints for your life long loves too.

Kelly Lane Design

I am totally smitten with Kelly Lane’s dresses. They have everything I look for in a garment – simplicity, color, superb design. Throw in a hoodie and I just melt.

Back in the Swing of Things

It’s good to be back. After a 3 week trip back to the US, we have arrived back in Antwerp and have almost beaten our jet lag. Spring is here with a vengeance and we are happy to be here to enjoy every minute of it.

New postings coming very shortly!

Pulling a Dolly

“Sometimes you just have to toot your own horn. Otherwise, nobody’ll know you’re a-coming.” Dolly Parton

I’m following these words of wisdom from Dolly. I am back visiting the US for a few weeks and having a long overdue visit with my sewing machine. I temporarily reopened my Etsy shop. Get it while you can – Toot Toot!

Etsy shop – bleuview

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