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Shonah Jewellry Design

I have been working on a project for myself incorporating birds and ran across this wonderful site. Shonah Tomkins uses animal silhouettes to create necklaces and other pieces of jewelry. She uses Tasmanian oak and resin along with a variety of printed fabrics to create the pieces. Love these.

Educate Yourself – Nicole’s Classes

This is exactly what I have been looking for. Okay, I can get by on the computer – I have a Flickr account, 2 blogs, Facebook page, Etsy shop – but I am also a 3/D person and getting things on paper, let alone images onto the computer is tough for me. Nicole’s classes are available online for those of us who could not make the classes in person and the price is right!

Up and above – home ECOnomics

We all try to do our part by separating our trash and making sure we don’t waste, but home ECOnomincs really makes a go at it and creates desireable home decor.

Long Time Love – Soop

Soop has been a long time favorite of mine. Acrylic+ jewelry=bliss.

A Classic – Jennifer Ladd

Jennifer Ladd is one of those sellers who you always see featured on Etsy. And for good reason. Her bags and clutches are made with the best materials and are flawlessly assembled. I am honored to say that one of my ironing board covers made its way into her studio.

DIY – St. Pat’s Hat – Crochet Spot

How can you resist! Just looking at the picture makes me happy, let alone having the real thing in front of me!

Celebrate – National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month and many sites are planning events, suggesting projects and featuring great crafters. This is the 16th year celebrating craft in the month of March.

The Craft and Hobby Association is encouraging everyone to designate one night a week to create with family and friends.

Etsy is going with the approach of – when isn’t it National Craft Month? Valid point for all of us out there who create, but maybe we should use this to our advantage to promote what we do. They do point out that it is a good time to spread awareness about consumerism and the impact of how entrepreneurship can impact ones life.

Craftster is challenging all of us to show, discuss, demonstrate our craft. Raise awareness, teach and inspire. Quite honestly, isn’t that why and how most of us starting creating in the first place.

Celebrate, be proud and inspire others.

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