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In the meantime, tulips.

I have been a little behind on my posts lately for a few reasons. First, we will be making a trip back to the US next week for almost the whole month of April. We are excited about this but have a lot to organize before we go. On top of this, I decided to take on a big project. I will be posting some pictures of this a little later.

Anyway, I haven’t been making my regular rounds online like a usually do, so in the meantime I will leave you with a lovely picture of  tulips. It is just now the beginning of tulip season in my neck of the woods and I am so excited to get out to see the fields again. The site of a field of tulips is enough to make any flower – hating mans jaw drop.

The Ornament Girl

Staci Ann (aka The Ornament Girl) makes beautiful quilted ornaments for just about every occasion. These are so well made and interesting to look at, they can be displayed all year long.

UPDATE – Vandalism in the best possible way – The Midnight Knitter (Salty Knits)

The story of the Midnight Knitter is getting more interesting by the day. It seems that the other night, the knitters work was removed from the trees, poles, etc in West Cape May, NJ. The mayor is denying that the township removed the work. A group going by the name Salty Knits has come forward to take responsiblity for covering the public and private property with the knit cozys. They are also denying removing the work and are vowing to strike again. I personally think we should all start guerrilla knitting groups in our towns. You must become a fan and check out their photos on Facebook.

Floral + Modern = Perfection – Ninainvorm

This is right up my alley. The modern, clean lines meets floral vintage. I cannot think of a more perfect gift for a new baby.

Color in the Lines – Summersville

What a charming picture and it is up to you to decide the outcome. It will make the perfect wall art regardless of who colors it.

beep beep

Etsy goes European

We have known now for a while that Etsy was in the processing of setting up a new office in Berlin, Germany. They are ready to open there doors and finally start to involve and promote their European Etsy business. During the week of March 22nd, they will be featuring sellers around Europe.  Their offices will officially be opening their doors on April 1st.

Let’s hope this is the first step in uniting all Etsy sellers and buyers on every continent. Hooray!

European Countries shirt from Isotope

Vandalism in the best possible way – The Midnight Knitter

This is an awesome story.

The police in West Cape May, NJ are looking for the person responsible for knitting cozies around tree branches and poles. Residents are finding these little works of art in their yards every morning. The problem is that it is being done on private property and is considered vandalism. Consider the suspect to be armed with knitting needles but not dangerous.

Shonah Jewellry Design

I have been working on a project for myself incorporating birds and ran across this wonderful site. Shonah Tomkins uses animal silhouettes to create necklaces and other pieces of jewelry. She uses Tasmanian oak and resin along with a variety of printed fabrics to create the pieces. Love these.

Educate Yourself – Nicole’s Classes

This is exactly what I have been looking for. Okay, I can get by on the computer – I have a Flickr account, 2 blogs, Facebook page, Etsy shop – but I am also a 3/D person and getting things on paper, let alone images onto the computer is tough for me. Nicole’s classes are available online for those of us who could not make the classes in person and the price is right!

Up and above – home ECOnomics

We all try to do our part by separating our trash and making sure we don’t waste, but home ECOnomincs really makes a go at it and creates desireable home decor.

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