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Jason Hackenwerth

If you are not yet familiar with Jason Hackenwerth, spend some time to view his work. Jason works with latex balloons creating forms and creatures inspired from the animal kingdom. His work is utterly beautiful and one of a kind. You have never seen a clown make balloon sculptures like this before.

Calling all Philadelphia Area Crafters!

Don’t miss out on applying for the Annual Art Star Craft Bazaar on Penn’s Landing Great Plaza!

Good Find – La vie est bonne

This lovely necklace with crocheted flowers and color blast that is enough to knock you down, was what drew me into La vie est bonne’s shop. The wonderful bags and totes are what will keep me coming back.

Carrying Dolly – Dolly Bags

While I was still in the US, I had my eye on a few Dolly Bags. Now in Belgium, I was walking down a street and noticed their bags hanging in a store window. I went in to check them out and now know that they are made in Amsterdam, just a short distance from where I am living. They are mostly made from great vintage fabric and the quality is top notch. I still haven’t decided which one to buy, it is really hard to commit to just one.

Webs – Tania Nova Crochet

I find these hoops so interesting. They are so girly and lacey yet mystrious and dangerous. The detail is amazing.

One Up Chuck – Pretty Sneaky

These Chucks are rockin’!

Glitter Love – Pirdy

Who doesn’t love a little glitter and resin? Beautiful detail with some shine!

Supplies – Paper Fish

Paper Fish has the most adorable items for sewers in their shop. I just love the portable sewing book with all of the nessessary features for stitching on the go.

The Solution – Branda

I just made myself a pair of fingerless gloves. I like have the use of my fingers, but I feel like my thumb is too bare. I ran across the lovely gloves and I think they are perfect! Love the color too!

P.S. Also check out her Knit Aran Scarf in the mustard color – to die for!

Hold the Mayo – Sole Sensations

Not even sure what to say about this other than I think it is fabulous!

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