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Greetings – fold

Greetings, I’m coming to get you!squarebat1

I’m being followed by a zombie – Barrel of Monkeys

These just crack me up.

Zombie Love

Zombie and Ninjas – Ps and Qs

Not sure if I would want to invite these guys over for dinner.


DIY Washi Fish – craftjuice

Thanks to craftjuice for this great tute on how to make a washi fish brooch.


Not too sweet – Elisha Shere

Just perfect – not to sweet not to dark.


100% – the belle and the beau

I definitely think the belle and the beau is one to something that is well overdue. Boys (in all sizes) should have 100% cotton washable ties. That would certainly save on dry cleaning bills. il_430xN_98395478

Smiling Bag – sineminugur

This bag catch my eye as soon as I saw it. Love the color and the cut but think I loved it most because it was smiling at me.


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